theshortestbird: (darwin's book)
Tim Drake ([personal profile] theshortestbird) wrote2011-06-24 01:59 am

Snowglobe Post

The snowglobe is cloudy and misty before it's shaken, the snow in it flying all around in a way that obscures the vision for a little bit before it settles down. The places seen in the globe are mostly tall buildings and busy cities, though there are a few places that are decidedly not city like in the least.

The first place shown is a large manor, with a beautiful landscape surrounding it.

The next place, when the globe is shaken, is a school that has a very high pedigree, as shown by the beautiful brick buildings.

The place changes after that; no more beautiful buildings, but rather, a tent high in the air, with empty stands and a flying trapeze in the middle. It's the perfect circus come to still life.

On the next shake, the snow fills the globe and the scene changes to a large, dirty city.

The next scene in the globe is a a tower in the shape of a T.

The next two scenes are of the same city; first in it's prime, and the second at it's end.

And the final, most sobering picture, is of a tombstone with a man's name on it.

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