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Teen Titans Communicator Contact

You've reached Red Robin. Press the first button for emergencies. Press the second to reach me. Press the third to reach other Titans.
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[When she hears the voice she follows the instructions and waits, using Hiccup's or rather "Occupational Hazard's" communicator for Red Robin to answer her call.]
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Hi. This isn't Occupational Hazard. He's busy right now cooking me apology breakfast and nursing a black eye. I'm using his communicator thing because he told me to call you if I wanted to be a part of whatever it is you guys do.

So, yeah.
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His girlfriend. My name's Astrid.
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I punched him in the face.
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He snuck around behind my back after sirens with your lot trying to save the city from bad guys. Then he climbed in the window like an intruder.

Of course he's going to get punched in the face. He's lucky I didn't knock him unconscious with my axe.
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So you're telling me if someone jumped through your window in the middle of the night and you didn't know who they were you wouldn't punch them in the face?


Hiccup deserved it.
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Not where we're from.

I want to join because I want to do something. If I don't, I'm going to explode. Also there's no way I'm letting Hiccup run around in the Darkness, leaving me behind. I'm not having it.

So I'm joining. [There...really doesn't seem like there's room for discussion on this point.]
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Fine, I'll meet you there. I can handle it.
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Re: ooc note

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Name: Astrid Hofferson
Hero Name: The Pillager
Power/Ability: Breathes fire and is fire resistant (it won't burn her) - still dormant right now though.
Weapon(s): Axe
Martial Arts Training: Is very athletic and flexible. Can do a decent amount of jumps, rolls and flips. Not actual martial arts though. Packs a good punch.
Computer Skills: None.
First Aid Training: Can set bones, bandage things...but you probably don't want her using her medic skills on you unless you want to go back to Viking times.
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voice; once all the power stuff is back to normal

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I'm so sorry I didn't come to the mission or call or anything. So sorry. I'm okay, though!
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Yeah, I'm fine! It's not really a big deal, not anymore. I just wanted to apologize for missing it.
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Oh, you shouldn't worry too much about that! I'm pretty tough, you know.
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In that case, thank you for being concerned about me.
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Yes! Everything is fine now. What about you? How was everything yesterday?
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Anything you need me to heal?
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[It's been a couple of months since their discussion, but Layla eventually decided to take him up on his offer. She doesn't sound as confident as she'd like to on the phone, mostly because it's not a call she ever pictured herself making until one day she decided to do just that.]

Um...hi. It's Layla. Not sure if you remember me, but you told me I could join you and help people. If the offer's still open, I'm interested.
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[She doesn't take too long to get there, although she doesn't run, either. Layla Delacroix doesn't do sweat unless it's necessary.]

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I'm sure. I've heard of enough people getting away with horrible crimes here just because of their affiliations...and I understand why you do the vigilante thing, now. There are some good cops - like Seras. But there's obviously some who aren't so good or there'd be more cases going to trial against the companies.

[In the most recent case, she'd comforted a bride to be who was cancelling her appointment at Alice's boutique on account of not being sure if the groom to be would pull through after some very questionable SERO research experimentation had been performed on him. He thought he was just donating blood and bone marrow for a new experimental medical procedure when he signed those forms.]

So I decided I want to join.
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[Filling out the application while walking is pretty easy for her. She's coordinated like that. Layla makes a face when she realizes that she didn't think of a hero name.]

...if I don't like the hero name I picked, I can change it later, right?
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Rush is fine.

[She hadn't known what to expect - all this is such a new concept for her. She knows she wants to help and that's about it. At least she knows she can be useful, and that Robin knows what he's doing.]

Not bad - a few throw pillows here and a few curtains there is all you really need. Nice computer, by the way.
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[She peers curiously at the computer set up. It's fairly advanced, but it makes more sense to work on a top notch system than a basic system bought on clearance.] there real-time monitoring of where they are, or do they have to check in for us to know that? Also, is there, archive of known criminals in the Port?
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So, do I make my own costume or do we have someone who's good at sewing who can help with that, or what?

[Wow, the Teen Titans almost seem to have things better organized than the police force. She'd almost want Seras to join, too, if it wasn't for the fact that she understands the importance of having a reliable police contact or two.]

I was thinking I should probably have some place on my costume to store a couple of things. A bottle of SPF 85 sunblock in case of sunlight and sometimes I put medical blood in a flask.
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That's probably a good idea. I'll have to come up with a suitably attractive design for my costume.

[She'll even wear flats, because breaking a heel while out patrolling would be terribly inconvenient.]
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Name: Layla Delacroix
Hero Name: Rush, or maybe Blur. I haven't decided on that part yet.
Power/Ability: Vampire powers, especially speed and hypnosis. I can also sober drunk people up with a bite. I'm pretty strong, but not bench press a car strong.
Weapon(s): None
Martial Arts Training: None
Computer Skills: Computer literate enough to set up a home network and fix normal computer problems. Not a hacker.
First Aid Training: ...I know how to help people who are lightheaded from blood loss. Does that count?