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Application for the RP Game [ profile] sirenspull

Player Information

Name: Amy
Age: 21
AIM SN: liljewishgoy
Have you played in an LJ based game before? Yes.
Currrently Played Characters: Raul Creed ([ profile] rapturescreed), Dr. Kenzo Tenma ([ profile] surgicalshot), and Snow White ([ profile] notadisneygirl)
Conditional: Activity Check Link: July Activity Check!
Conditional: Official Reserve Link: Reserve link!

Character Information

Canon Source: DC Comics (Batman series)
Canon Format: Comic Book
Character's Name: Timothy Jackson Drake-Wayne
Character's Age: Around 17 years old.
Conditional: If your character is 13 years of age or under, please clarify how they will be played. N/A

What form will your character's NV take? Crazy Batman Tech Phone. It communicates using voice, text, video, and a button on the side is pressed to make holograms. A detachable Blue Tooth headset is also included.


Character's Canon Abilities:

Tim was trained to fight crime by the best so that he could fight alongside the best. He is a master in many different styles of fighting such as: Kung Fu, Tae Kwon Do, Karate, Judo, American Boxing, and Jeet Kune Do. He is one of three people in the world able to perform the martial art technique called “Leopard Blow”, and his training has included the best from Lady Shiva, Batman, and Nightwing. His fighting style is more closely related to Batman’s then Nightwing’s, as he’s not as acrobatic as Dick was, but he is also able to adapt more easily to a fight then Batman can be. Tim is a superb unarmed fighter, but he is also good at using weapons; his primary one is a bo staff, though he can also use and fire a gun, swing with a grappling gun, and use the batarangs which are what the previous Robins have used before.

On the other side, Tim has many skills that help him in fighting, but that he also applies to a much more normal setting. He has a superior intellect, being considered a genius, and possibly even smarter than Batman himself. He is a great detective, having been able to figure out who Batman and Robin were when he was only 9 years old. Tim has studied computer science, which allows him to be a skilled programmer and an excellent hacker. Whatever he reads, he remembers to an astonishing degree, and he reads books above his grade level, only to expand and use ideas he finds within; such as studying natural science so that he can attempt to re-clone is best friend when he died. He has studied psychology and behavioral sciences, most specifically criminology, which he uses when he’s out fighting, or when he’s behind a computer desk trying to find someone.

He also has some other things that don’t really relate to fighting that Tim is just naturally good at. Math and other areas of study that he is given as homework from school is something that he’s good at, always completing it before it’s even given as an assignment. Tim is skilled in photography; to him, taking pictures is not just a skill, but an art, and while he’s good with a digital camera, using his own pictures as profile pictures for all the people he keeps files on (and he keeps files on everyone, after being taught why he should and how he should), Tim also knows the art of true photography and using a dark room, along with all the chemicals involved in the process. When it comes to chemicals and their properties, Tim has studied them enough to know what they do, and how they should be used.

Sufficient to say, Tim is skilled in many things, and if there is something that he doesn’t know, he will find a way to learn about it until he is a master at that as well.

Conditional: If your character has no superhuman canon abilities, what dormant ability will you give them?

Tim will be gaining the ability called Technopathy: The ability to manipulate technology. Manifested as a special form of electrical/telekinetic manipulation, a special form of "morphing" which allows physical interaction with machines, or even a psychic ability that allows for mental interface with computer data. What this means is that Tim will be able to psychically connect with any type of machine, allowing him to access data just by concentrating on something that holds any files in a data form, such as a computer.

Weapons: Tim carries with him a utility belt that has almost anything anyone can imagine; most of these are used as defensive weapons, but he also has regular weapons as well. Weapons that he carries with him as Red Robin are a custom made bo staff, which is what he uses as his primary weapon to fight with; this particular bo staff has small holes cut into it to give it a whistling effect. He also comes with batarangs, throwing discs, and ‘R’ shapes shurikens. Lasting, when it comes to weapons, he has a bola; these are chords with weighted ends that are thrown, ensnaring opponents when they come into contact, and can shock people with an electrical shock of need be.

As for gadgets, the list of items are numerous; a grappling gun, handcuffs and zip cuffs, tracking devices, communication devices, first aid kits, a gas mask and a re-breather, a plasma torch, lock picking tool set, a micro camera and computer, explosive and smoke pellets that are used to aid in escapes, along with flash bangs, and even a Taser. The gadgets that are connected to WayneTech will not be connected to the system in the port, but Tim will be able to communicate with other heroes in the field if they have the same communication devices as well.


Character History:

Wikipedia Link for Tim Drake.
DC Wiki Link for Tim Drake.
Comprehensive History Link for Tim Drake.

Point in Canon: During Red Robin Issue #12.

Conditional: Brief summary of previous RP history: N/A

Character Personality: Deep down, Tim is a good person; everything that he does, he sets out to do with the purest intentions. He is focused on making sure that justice is served, and if asked what he would wish for, his answer is plain and simple; he wants to see the end of crime and pain in the world. It’s a farfetched dream, and Tim knows it; he knows that the day might come, but that if it does, it’ll probably never be in his lifetime, nor the one after him, but he wants it bad enough that he will always fight for it when it comes down to it. However, as much as Tim wants to help people, he is a very serious and reserved person; he doesn’t open up easily to strangers, and he even has a hard time opening up to those he’s known for a long time. He is slow to trust people, and for good reason, seeing as whenever he tends to trust someone, they end up either hurt, or coming back to hurt him in some way. This is why Tim never trusts a person completely; he is always keeping in the back of his mind the ways the person could turn on him, and what would be the best way to take them out. This goes for everyone; friends, families, and even his closest allies throughout the superhero world.

What also helps is that Tim has the most analytical mind of any of the Bat family, including Bruce. This is something that he has had since before he was Robin, and much longer then he has been Red Robin; Ra's al Ghul even states it, calling Tim "Detective", when before he had only bestowed that title on one other person before him, and that person was Batman. His detective skills are a force to be reckoned with, as Tim takes all the necessary steps and precautions like any good detective will do. He is patient, and while knowing that everything he may want to accomplish will take time to get to, he is willing to wait until that time comes. This doesn't mean that Tim is just going to sit back and wait; he would much rather be in the thick of things, finding the evidence that is needed as well as talking to the suspects. He truly follows his life as one big mystery that he is intent on solving, piece by piece, and everyone in his life is worth questioning,l either as a suspect or as an ally. The way his mind works is to analyze every piece, no matter what the piece may be, or how long it will take him; luckily for Tim, it doesn't take him long to analyze everything. He is usually three steps ahead, and he has the friends and family to help him when it comes down to putting any of his plans into motion.

This does not mean that Tim does not care about people, or he can’t love a person completely. Tim is loyal to a fault, and will stand by his friends, family, and allies, no matter what. He just realizes what his personal responsibility is, and how much of it he has. Tim feels responsible for his family, his friends, and even for his home city of Gotham, so when something goes wrong on his watch, it’s easy for him to blame himself for it. It takes a lot to convince him that it wasn’t his fault, but if he finds a way to blame himself, Tim will take all of the guilt upon himself, even if there was nothing he could do at the time (such as when his father was murdered because Tim was Robin). His guilt reinforces everything he does, even leading himself to remember all of those he has failed to save and making him want to do anything to bring them back, as in the case when his best friend, Superboy, was killed, and he attempted to re-clone him back to life. While his guilt is not his main driving force, it can be said that if anything he feels guilty about is brought up once more, he will, once again, do whatever he can to rectify the situation. Tim is a fixer, and when he can’t fix things in his life, that’s when things in his life tend to go to pieces.

Tim is also a control freak. A complete and utter control freak, sometimes to the detriment of himself and others. He is most afraid of losing control of any situation, seeing as whenever he has lost control of it before, the consequences have come back to haunt him for years after. Through intense planning and manipulation, Tim looks at the battle against crime as a big picture rather than one fight after another, something other superheroes seem to think it is. Tim sees it as something that needs to be controlled, and sometimes needs the pieces to be pushed into place; Tim sees himself as much of a piece as anyone else, and doesn’t see himself as someone who looms over the chessboard, but instead as one of the pawns, or maybe a knight if he feels particularly generous to himself. It helps that Tim has always lived in Gotham, as well as worked as a vigilante there, as it has helped him learn that the world is never a fair place. He has seen bad things happen to good people, and good things happen to bad people; while he believes in justice and Batman’s mission to take care of the people of Gotham, over time he has started to see things fall into shades of gray, rather than just the good versus the bad. Tim is extremely good at detaching his emotions from what he is working on, and while he is always looking at the big picture and planning ahead, his paranoia seems to help and come into play when it comes down to the two big things in his life; the life of Tim Drake, normal high school student, and Robin, boy wonder, and sidekick to Batman, who has now turned into Red Robin, a hero who is an equal of Batman and other heroes throughout the world.

Because of his vigilante job, Tim has two identities, one of which he needs to keep completely secret from those around him. If anyone were to know who Red Robin actually was, then the people he cares about could be hurt or killed, and Tim has had that happen too many times for him to let that ever happen again. When it comes to keeping his life separated into two sides, Tim prefers it; mixing the two in any way feels distinctly uncomfortable to him, especially with the fact that he is becoming much more comfortable as Red Robin rather than as Tim Drake. It shows in his social skills; over time they’ve become worse, as he doesn’t feel comfortable as a normal kid with a normal life. It makes things even more interesting when the two different parts of his life collide, like when he begins to get to know Stephanie Brown for who she is rather than just leave her as Spoiler, the vigilante who has helped Robin in the past. Even when Tim has now become Red Robin, and Stephanie has taken on the mantle as Batgirl, he now manages to keep things separate between them; he can't afford to get involved with her again, and compromise his sense of self and duty. It becomes even more confusing to him when he is fully embraced by the so called “Bat” family; he finds a brother and friend in Dick, and a new father in Bruce.

What Tim’s life has become is one lie on top of another. Because he spent his childhood sneaking out at night and taking pictures of vigilantes, combined with being a teenager and lying about being a vigilante, Tim has become an excellent liar and someone who can hide what he does with the greatest of ease; this includes his feelings. Tim is the stereotypical kid who represses his feelings and emotions, and never shares them with other people; being someone who lies on a daily basis just helps with the whole "not telling people if something is wrong". Tim does not ever want to be a burden on those he cares about, and he will push someone away before telling them what’s wrong, or what is going on in his life. Tim hates to be seen as anything but perfect and in control, and someone needs to take the time and patient to push through his tough façade. Like any good Bat, he’s perfected the art of a good brood, complete with gargoyles and pouring rain at night.

However, when it comes to lying, it's really something that he hates; when in Young Justice, he couldn't tell the group who he was or anything about himself, and it was something that went on into being a Teen Titan. He doesn't like the fact that he has to lie, but he knows why; he's protecting not only himself but the Batfamily as well. He's also obeying orders from Batman, and he won't go against him unless he feels like what he says will put others in danger. But the lies are what hurt Tim the most; he would like to be able to tell people the truth, to let them know who he really is. It's not just a complete readiness to follow Batman's orders, it's a combination of knowing what needs to be done and actually doing it; the fact that Batman already knows and tells Tim is just another thing to help. Keeping secrets it something he needs to do, and something he does well, even if he doesn't like it. But he cares too much about his family to ever put them in anymore danger then they already are in.

By looking at everything, it might seem that Tim is very contradictory in what he says and does; he's a kid who would like to go and play videogames with his friends, but also feels more at home fighting bad guys while wearing a disguise. This is because Tim is a contradictory kid; he is always going to say and do things that go against his nature. He is unpredictable at times with this; he may do what is expected, but he's going to go in with five different back up plans when what is expected goes south. That's because Tim would like to think of things in black and white, while most things are gray; for example, he will not kill anyone. The whole reason he uses blunt weapons is because of his strong resolve to not kill anyone, but to take in people and be the good guy. So when he picks up the Red Robin costume, and goes against what he usually does, he's being contradictory once again; beating up and almost killing bad guys, but still not crossing that line. But he is toeing it, something that is seen in everything he goes to do now; he even states it, as Red Robin can be what Tim is not, and that is someone who goes off the grid to get anything done.

In the end, Tim, no matter how much he projects this perfectly composed kid, is still just a kid with a lot of issues to deal with. From dead parents to dead friends, to lying about his entire life to everyone, and to feeling the guilt for the deaths of those he swore to protect, Tim seems like a break down waiting to happen. Luckily for him, he’s shown time and time again that he’s stronger than that, and what hasn’t broken him completely will only make him stronger. He has the back up and support of an array of friends and family, and Tim knows that, and uses them when he needs them; this isn't all the time, but there are times when even he knows he needs help, and will ask for it from the people he trusts the most. He has fears like anyone else, and he can react irrationally with the best of them when it comes to his friends and family are hurt or presumed dead. But then, he is only a teenager right now, and has showed no signs of stopping what he does anytime soon.

Conditional: Personality development in previous game: N/A

Character Plans: Tim will be putting up a front as soon as he arrives in SP; he can’t let anyone know who he is at night and who he works with and for, and so he’ll only be telling people that he’s a high school kid named Tim Drake-Wayne, and that there’s really nothing different about him than anyone else. Of course he’ll say he’s from Gotham, and after making contact with castmates, he’s going to want to get into the groups that he usually wouldn’t; make friends with kids his age and younger, and get into the school age kid group. He’ll stay away from politics, and he’ll make contact with his family, and he’ll also go and join up with any other young “hero” groups, as Red Robin. He’ll patrol during the night and spend time out in the Darkness, studying it as best he can. Tim is an investigator, and he’ll start to keep files on everyone in the port, because that’s what he does. He’s also friendly, and he’ll make friends easily, because it’s what he does as Tim Drake, while Red Robin does the crime fighting with the rest of the masked vigilantes in the city.

Appearance/PB: Tim is the one without the mask on. Tim Drake has blue eyes and black hair, and is short for his age. His entire body has scars on it from different fights he's gotten into; such as a scar on his throat from where Jason Todd almost killed him, among other scars from various different fights, and different knife, burns, and bullet wounds. Almost all of his scars are hidden under clothes.

Writing Samples

First Person Sample

[When the NV turns on, the face on it is smiling, even if it looks like a fairly serious smile. Blue eyes brighten once he sees it recording.]

So I've been here a week now, but I wanted to get my bearings straight before I said anything. Like find where the library was, and read up a little on the history this place has.

[His smile turns happier, and he leans forward a little.]

But before I forget my manners, I should introduce myself. My name is Timothy Wayne, but please, before anyone even starts, you can just call me Tim. In fact I prefer it if you called me Tim. [Laughs softly.] But anyway, what I was saying before, was that getting to know this place first was pretty interesting. The subway system reminds me of Gotham, just a little bit, and so does all the technology here. In fact, I would say that this place reminds me of home a lot more then I thought it would, at first. Especially when the greeter at the diamond mentioned the whole Darkness concept.

Remind me not to go out after sirens ever again. Once was enough, and I think I'll be sticking with staying indoors at night from now on. But from what I've read up on the Darkness here so far, it might be dangerous, but it's definitely interesting. I heard this guy, Darwin, wrote a book about some of the monsters out there. Once I figure out a money situation, I think that'll be the first thing I buy here.

[He flashes a grin.] It's nice to meet all of you. Hopefully I have more time to talk the next time I use the network, but for now I need to go; I have a job interview for some part time work, and from what I've seen around here, getting a job is the first step to success in the port.

[And with that, he disconnects the feed.

Hours after this post has been made, a line of scrolling text can be found going across everyone's NV. If anyone tries to follow the signal from the text, they'll find that it just loops back to the lighthouse that's supposedly haunted; when someone replies, the next reply comes from the homes of both the AGI and SERO heads.]

Justice should be upheld in whatever form it comes in; what says the public?

Third Person Sample

It was when Tim was unwinding down after a hard day that he used to feel that the lines blurred between Tim Drake and Robin. He had two cellphones back home, one that belonged to him and had the same plan under his father’s name, while the other work phone could only be found by one alias, and if anyone tried to track it, it would have led them out of the country and back, all within the span of a minute. Back when he was living with his dad, Jack, things were harder to keep separate. His dad had wanted to be involved in his life more since his mother was gone; wanting to hang out with him, wanting to know where he was going, what he was doing, who he was hanging out with. Even his dad’s jealousy at the relationship he seemed to have with Bruce was something that was hard to deal with; Batman needed a Robin then as much as he ever needed anyone, and sneaking out at night was fine. The walls back then were thin, and he was silent then, even knowing that his dad was listening in on his phone conversations at times.

But when Jack was gone, the lines between Robin and Tim had dropped even further. Of course, Tim still knew who he was; no one and nothing could have taken away his name or where he had come from. But when it came down to having that time where Tim was a completely separate identity then Robin, when he came home after school and did his homework right away so he had time at night back when he and his father lived in the apartment, Tim found back then that there wasn’t that much time to be himself. He could have done his homework in the Batcave or his room in Wayne Manor, but either way, it always still felt like Robin getting something trivial out of the way before going on another patrol. It was then that Tim missed his father a little more. He had found a good replacement in Bruce; he knew that the man cared about him like his own son, and knew that he had found a family that would always love and support him.

But here in this city, this little city somewhere off the coast of Canada, a city that had the potential to be just as dangerous as Gotham was during its’ darkest nights, Tim found it a little easier to find himself. Even when he was dressed up in his new Red Robin clothes, the cowl cold against his cheek as he stayed perched on the top of a roof in Siren’s Port, watching the scene across from the police department. The sirens were about to go off any minute, and Tim, while ready to go out on patrol, was still getting used to the fact that monsters came out at night. Maybe that was what helped him keep Tim and Red Robin separate; Tim still found the fact that the night brought actual monsters crazy. He’d fought against some of the craziest things he had ever faced back home; monsters, aliens, clones, an entire League of Assassins. But the stuff here, the stuff that he had to battle while he was making sure that he could listen in on the cop’s conversations while they were at the bar; that was still something that kept him on his toes.

As the sirens went off in the distance, the sound gradually getting louder as it got to where he was on his side of the island, Tim tensed up, waiting for the Darkness to wash over him. It felt almost tangible to him sometimes, like it was a cloth shifting over and covering things up. A blanket of midnight, as dark as the cape Batman wore, one he had seen up close and from behind the safety of a camera’s lens. Tim let out a soft sigh, a soft breath of air that couldn’t be picked up even if you were only a foot away from him. It was another few minutes before the darkness enveloped the rest of the island, and he got up from his crouched position at the top of the bar, walking on light feet to get to the edge of the roof, moving to open a vent and drop a bug down, making sure it doesn’t make a sound. Moving away, Tim went halfway down the fire escape, only to fly over to the next one, grabbing on and hoisting himself up onto the roof next to the bar. Glancing around, the area he was in slowly turning into something from a horror movie, Tim checked the reception on the bug, smiling as it slowly came into focus.

"And then he said--" crackled into life in his ear and he slowly turned up the volume, closing his eyes and listening for a moment until he heard a low growl.

"Damnit," He swore under his breath, eyes opening to see a Darkness monster, something deadly and shaped like a cat had found its’ way onto the top of the roof. Tim grimaced, bringing out his bo staff and angling it so it was equal with his arm.

"Here kitty kitty kitty," He said under his breath, running forward and attacking as silent as possible, as he continued to listen to the conversation the cops were having in the building next to his.

And this was only the first of the night.