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Name:Tim Drake
Birthdate:Jul 19
Website:Tim Drake History Link



"Dick saw being Robin as a thrill. It's probably why he outgrew it. Jason saw being Robin as a game. It's probably what got him killed. But... Tim... I have to hand it to the boy... He wants to be the world's greatest detective. And from what I've seen so far... he will be someday."

"There are two things you need to realize about Tim. First, he's got an astonishing sense of duty. It drives everything he does."

"Tim's smart...smarter than me. And maybe even smarter than you. Take my word, Alfred. We'll end up working for him someday, once he does a bit more growing up."


"Thank god Tim Drake won't have the same problem. Kids these days question more. He's already asking all the right questions. He respects Bruce. But he doesn't seem the kind who will keep silent if he thinks Bruce is wrong. Damn... I wish I was bright as he is at his age."


"When he first came to us, I dared entertain hopes that you [Bruce] might, through proximity, become more like him. Brighter and more optimistic. But I'm afraid exactly the opposite has occurred. I'm afraid he's become more like you."


"Robin's right. I can't tell if it's because Batman told him, or if Tim is just that smart. If he can read someone that well. He's so different from Dick. No pain or sorrow driving him. Just his own sense of right and wrong. I like that. I respect it."

Tim Drake

"I'm tempted to just blissfully shut down for a while. Or I could become more like Batman and emotionally cut myself of from the world, at the same time I battle his most horrible aspects. But I choose a third way.. the more difficult way.

I can't squander the sacrifices of mom, dad, Stephanie, Darla Aquisata and the others by turning my back on the struggle that claimed their lives. I'm never quitting again. They paid too high a price for me to simply "dabble" in super heroics. It's no longer a kids grand adventure.

At the same time I owe it to my dad to try to become the man he wanted me to be. He never let the tragedies in his life close him off from his joys. So I won't either. That's a promise dad, and I won't break this one. Time to grow up, Tim."

{Tim Drake is being played for RP purposes by [personal profile] rougaroux}
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